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Patricia Martin 

Patricia Martin began painting as a child by visiting museums and exhibitions. This first contact with art left her with strong impressions and intense emotions. As a teenager, she attended artists' studios and learned oil technique at Gwen Fain in Meudon. She studied after applied arts at the École Duperré in Paris where she opened herself to many techniques, lacquer in particular. The work of superposition and transparency fascinates her and will follow her throughout her career as a painter. 

After an initial experience of three years in decoration, she became a colourist for a company manufacturing hand prostheses. The plastic material becomes its support and the skin tints, its palette. 

She gradually moved away from the artistic world and worked in computer science for some time before leaving everything to devote herself to her passion. Renewing her primary vocation, she perfected her skills with the painter Jean-Yves Guionet. Her paintings have been exhibited since 2002 in the largest cities of the world (Paris, Hong Kong, London, New York, New Orleans...) Her pictorial influences include many contemporary American artists (Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Joan Mitchell) and French (Nicolas de Staël, Pierre Soulages).

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